Courses Training – Video Outline. All training is done in a case study format.

Learn handicap Accessible RemodelingEach month members will receive approximately 12 videos with a duration of approximately 15 minutes each. Bathrooms will take up the majority of the video time.

The four monthly, reoccurring modules will be:
  1. Design build bathroom, we will discuss all technical information from all related trades from the beginning to the end of every accessible bathroom every month.
  2. Design build ramp. We will discuss all technical information from beginning to end of a variety of types and configurations.
  3. Specialize topic: Each month I choose an area that has proven to be a big improvement as defined by the medical industry. Areas such as soap dishes and thresholds have been traditional areas of concern to occupational therapist. We will discuss at length how the specialized solutions create a higher degree of accessibility and quality-of-life.
  4. Specialized equipment: each month we will look at a new piece of equipment such as power wheelchairs and patient lifts. I will review the product and its industry along with how it interacts with my newly created accessible bathrooms and ramps

Video course made to increase your education and awareness of how to deliver accessible remodeling.

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