Mr. Spurling,
I am not one to write letters about work that has done in my house because you expect the work to be done right but Mr. Purlings work was exceptional, there was no mess I didn't have to come home from work and pick up anything or wipe off anything and when I was there, there was little to no inconvenience. He was quiet his work was professionally done and his attention to detail was well noticed. I would recommend him to anybody.
Charles, Cincinnati, Ohio

Mr. Spurling,
Thank you for doing such a good job on our bathroom. We are very pleased with all the work you did to make it the most beautiful room in our home. It sure makes it easier for us to take a shower and it is much easier for the transfer from her power chair to her shower chair with all of the grab bars and roll in shower. Thank you for keeping us informed with every step you took and letting us know what you were doing and why you were doing it.

Joe, Cincinnati, Ohio

we wanted to e-mail you and let you know that we think our bathroom looks great we are very pleased with how it turned out. We would really appreciate all your hard work and dedication that you put forth in your bathrooms. It has been a pleasure working with you and if you ever need a reference for you we will be happy to do it. Thanks again for a job well done.
Ken and Nicole, Dayton, Ohio

To whom it may concern:
Jamie Spurling recently installed a roll in shower for us and it is beautiful! He removed the hall closet and existing shower curb so he could expand the shower to a 3' x 5' true roll in shower. The 36 inch pocket door and super pole is working out very well. Jackhammering the concrete floor was a lot more detail than I thought but it turned out perfect Jamie you obviously love what you do. Thanks again Jamie

Kathy, Hamilton, Ohio

To whom it may concern:
Jamie Spurling did some work on our behalf and put in a handicap toilet an entire front door with frame to match the sidewalk where he put in a wheelchair ramp. Jamie did an extraordinary job to our satisfaction and I would refer him to anyone who has special needs. Thank you Jamie.

Bob and Pat, West Chester, Ohio

To whom it may concern:
Jamie has completed two major projects for us. One being a complete bathroom remodel with a 5' x 5' roll in shower and a beautiful concrete ramp that leads to a new set of double doors on the front of our house. Jamie I can't thank you enough for working on our home. We appreciate your attention to detail and craftsmanship. It has been so convenient and easy to give care with this bathroom. You've really made the front porch door area accessible and pretty. It's always great working with you!

Paul and Amy, Loveland, Ohio

Mr. Spurling changed our bathroom to make it more handicap accessible. We appreciate the excellent work he did for us and it greatly improved accessibility to the commode and bathtub. His work was sufficient, neat and clean and we would recommend him.
Jean and Marilyn, Lebanon Ohio

To whom it may concern, 
We were in need of converting one of our bathrooms into one that is handicapped accessible. We met with a number of different contractors who provided us with suggestions and bids. Jamie was by far the most knowledgeable   contractor that came to the house. Not only was he knowledgeable   but he also showed a level of caring and compassion for our daughter's needs that no other contractor   had shown us. He worked with us very closely to make sure that we could convert the bathroom as quickly as possible while ensuring that we incorporated   everything we would need to make our daughter's life easier. 

The job that Jamie did converting our bathroom was fantastic!   We could not be happier with the results of his work. His work was outstanding and there was minimal disruption while he was performing this upgrade. I would highly recommend   him to do any job and would definitely consider him for any job we would need done in the future.
Paul and Joanie, Cincinnati, Ohio

Thank you, Living Barrier Free, for the excellent quality of workmanship used on our bathroom addition! Your lead engineer, Mr. Jamie Spurling, is a trustworthy, experienced professional who definitely exceeded our expectations.

His talents in creating a room from the 'ground up'; including the design, framing, plumbing, electrical, dry wall, tile work and fixture installation provided us with 100%+ satisfaction. For example, he took the time to consult with us often to be sure the room layout and facilities were placed at the best functional level and many times offered solutions and ideas that will help our son well into his future. We requested a last minute sink placement change which cost extra labor time, but Jamie didn't mind, and he took extra time to create a decorative tile mosaic in the shower area, what a pleasant surprise it was to see! Mr. Spurling always kept the work site clean, used quality materials and completed the job on time and within budget.

We will use Living Barrier Free for all of our future construction and highly recommend them for any project.
Jim and Terrie, Cincinnati, Ohio

In regard to Mr. Spurling's work his job was done with quality and perfection. I was amazed with his attention to detail. Each phase of the bathroom from the flooring, the vanity, the toilet and the shower scene falls to me. Mr. Spurling was always on time, all business and very mannerable. He cleaned up each day to perfection. I would highly recommend him in anyone's home. His work puts me in mind of the TV shows on HGTV.
Bonnie, Lincoln Heights, Ohio

I recently contracted Jamie Spurling, dba  livingbarrierfree to build a handicapped ramp on my house. Mr. Spurling perform this task exactly as outlined in his contract covering time, material, aesthetics and completion.   His workmanship, appearance, mannerisms and attention to detail left me 100% satisfied. I highly recommend Mr. Spurling to anyone in need of his expertise.
Carol, Madeira, Ohio

Dear Jamie,
Thank you for our new shower what once was an outdated, raised 3' x 3' slab is now a 5' x 5', beautifully tiled, roll in shower that will have a lasting impact on our life. You went above and beyond what was expected to deliver a quality product and service.

All your hard work is made our life easier and for that I can't thank you enough.

Sincerely, Lisa, Fairfield, Ohio

Dear Jamie,
Wwe would like to thank you for the great construction job we did for us the covering over our daughters wheelchair ramp is wonderful we appreciate your professionalism and knowledge of what would make our daughter's life easier we are looking forward to working with you again when the need arises.

Harry and Mary, Fayetteville, Ohio

 I just wanted to write you a letter of thanks. Our new bathroom is not only beautiful, but it  actually makes everyone's life  easier  and more enjoyable. It truly is a difference in quality of life for all of us. I realize that it is what you do and you are obviously so good at it, but the way you do your work is what I feel set you apart. You were not only professional at all times, but always went the extra mile to  be courteous and considerate.  These are the things you just don't see very often  and for that I thank you.

It is clear you have a gift and I hope you get to share that for many years to come. If you ever need a referral of any type or anything else in the future please keep me in mind.

Thank you again for all of your beautiful work.
Giselle, Anderson, Ohio
To whom it may concern: 
Jamie Spurling did some work on our behalf and put in a handicap toilet and an entire front door with frame to match the sidewalk where he put in a wheelchair ramp. All of this was done for our son who has cerebral palsy.
Jamie did an extraordinary job to our satisfaction and I would refer him to anyone that has special needs.
Bob, Pat & Tim

To Whom in Might Concern,
Jamie Spurling recently installed a new door for us. Our house is an old house and the door needed to be widen to enable our daughter easy access with her wheelchair. He did an excellent job matching the transit above the door as well as installing the door itself. It looks nice and blends in with the old style of house.

Jamie was neat with his work and he caused minimal disrubution while he completed the project. I would highly recommend him for home remodeling.
Mary Lou

To Whom It May Concern, 
My name is Jean Schmidt and T have a handi-cap son who was very much in need of a shower he could be rolled into. He was no longer able to sit on a bathtub chair to shower. I had three different places come out to my home to look at my bathroom and tub situation and give me estimates.   I listened to what they all had to say and then I had to choose which one I wanted to do the work. I chose Jamie Spurling to do the work for us.

I want all who reads this short letter to know that I couldn't be any happier with the choice I made. Jamie did the most beautiful job of my shower and also my bathroom floor. He is very respectful of your home and the people and pets living in the home and visiting. He is very aware of what is needed to give you the best job and safest job he can.

Jamie is very a conscientious worker and he is a very clean worker. Every day when he leaves he has everything picked up and you would never believe that there is construction work being done in your home, except for the bathroom isn't useable at that time.

If you want the best product and workmanship for your money then Jamie is your man too.

You can feel free to call me and I'll be more than happy to let you come and see for yourself what I'm talking about.

The door handle looks great Jamie! I can't thank you enough for working on our home. We appreciate your attention to detail and the craftmanship. You've really made the front porch/ door area accessible and pretty, which is tough sometimes. It's always great to work with you!

We'll be out of commission for the next two months or so. Timmy's surgery is in one week. We feel although it's a hard thing to go through, we will look forward to the positive ways this procdure will improve his quality of life. He's a trooper.

We wanted to take a moment and "thank you" for creating such a beautiful and safe bathroom for Ally. It has been so much easier to transfer h,er~oto the bathroom with the roll in shower. The shower is huge, and there is so much more room to move around. Your attention to detail and the qualityof workmanship is obvious with the finished product. You went out of your way to meet our schedule and worked with us on making it affordable, without compromising quality. It is always refreshing to meet someone who cares about the work that they do everyday and takes the time needed to get the job done right. If we ever move, and need another bathroom remodeled, we will definitely request your services again, and we would recommend your services to other families with special needs children. Thank you again for all that you did for Ally.
Gina & Steve

Mr Spurling,
Thank you for doing such a good job on Nina' s bathroom we are very pleased with all the work you done to make it the most beautiful room in the house, It sure makes it more easy for Nina to take a shower and it is more safer for her to transfer from her power chair to the shower chair because of the way you put up the grab bars.

Thank you also for keeping us informed with every step you took and letting us know what you were doing and why you were doing it and for knowing all of the building codes and not taking any short cuts to make the job go faster, We are also very pleased with all of the supplies you used you never used any cheap parts they are all very good and should last a long time.

Thank you again for starting and being finished when you said you would and for just being so nice an the time it was a pleasure for us to have you work in our house, I will give people your name if i hear they need any work done, and if any one wants to see the good work you do feel free to give our phone number because we will be happy to let them come see it good work like yours should be shared with everyone.
Joe, Cincinnati

To Whom It May Concern: 
Jamie Spurling has completed two remodeling projects for us here at the Nike Center. We have been very pleased with the results and the process. In each project the cost has been very competitive, the workmanship has been very good, and all work was completed in a timely fashion with a minimum of disruption to our agency's programs.

Mr. Spurling is a man who keeps his work. He is pleasant to work with, courteous to our staff and program participants and trustworthy.

I highly recommend Jamie Spurling.
Rob, Superintendent

To whom it may concern:
We are writing this letter on behalf of Jamie Spurling, and the work he recently completed at our home. We recently purchased an existing home, and had to have several doors and hallways modified to accommodate the wheelchair for our disabled child. We received Jamie's name as an example of an individual who had the experience to complete such projects.

Jamie was very pleasant to work with during the consultation phase. He not only made suggestions, but he listened to the ideas we had as well. Furthermore, he was very realistic in his assessment of what things could be done, and what things may be challenging. We agreed on the changes, and he responded in a very timely manner with the proposal and pricing. The proposal included expanding doorways and modifying two interior walls. This was to be done on a section of the home that was 59 years old, with the original baseboards and over hardwood floors.

The resulting work performed was top-notch. Not only did he complete his work in an timely and efficient manner, he advised us on other issues that had come up once we moved into the new house. Also, he was very flexible with respect to his work hours, as he had to perform the work in a relatively restricted time frame (around our move in, and other projects we had underway). We were so impressed with his work that we hired him for two other projects:   1) consultation and painting of our prior home; and 2) renovation of our master bath at the new home to make it accessible for our daughter.

For the first project above, we relied on Jamie's experience with preparing homes for sale to help us complete specific tasks that would make our home more marketable. For the second project, Jamie consulted with us on how to make our existing bathroom for accessible for our daughter. This included retrofitting the shower and floor into a walk-in shower, and reinforcing the structural supports in the crawlspace below the bathroom. As in the original project, we provided Jamie with our ideas, and he provided technical input and suggestions as to how we could make it even better. Finally as we have come to expect, his work and professionalism met and exceeded our expectations in both cost and service.

In summary, Jamie is very pleasant and highly competent contractor. Not only do we recommend him to others, I will be contacting him again for other jobs we have planned at our home.
Sincerely, Cheryl & Dave

Hello Jamie,
Ron, Maurice and staff would like to thank you again for doing such a beautiful job on rehabbing the bathroom. I wish you could have seen the expression on Ron's face when he took his first real shower in his roll in shower chair, it was pure satisfaction and extremely exhilarating for him, he loves it! Thanks for the time and care that was necessary to complete the job, it was well worth the wait, you are a 10 in our book!
Cynthia, Agency Provider

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