The resources below are for your use as you begin to discuss any projects with potential customers. 

The Handrail

I started by suggesting a 1¼ x 1¼ x 42”, 45-degree at one end conventional spindle with a 2x6 handrail at the top of the system. I knew that the 2x6 would be sitting directly above the perimeter of the walking platform, so I cut my entire handrail first and had it lying in place before I started spindle work.

Ramp Checklist

• Who is the ramp for
• Determine Objective
• Determine Scope of the project
• Determine if ramp will be wood or concrete
• Determine configuration of ramp
• Does the owner have a time schedule?


Slope Evaluation

The slope evaluation process is a method to determine the slope of any ramp project. The fundamentals are to calculate the slope using the ADA 12:1 slope ratio – for every 12 inches of horizontal travel, the ramp can only incline or decline no more than one inch of vertical travel.


Glossary of Industry Terms One

Band Board - Outside perimeter for floor joist system.  It provides load-bearing and in-line transfer of weight.
Bull Float - A large, aluminum concrete finishing tool used to flatten wet concrete and prep for final finish.


Bathroom Checklist

• For whom is the modification?
• Has that person been evaluated by an occupational therapist?
• If so, is there an evaluation report?
• What is the scope of the project?
• What is the purpose of the modification?


Glossary of Industry Terms Two

ADA Compliant - This means that it has a coefficient of friction of .06 or greater
Air-Admittance Device - A one way valve designed to allow air to enter the plumbing drainage system when negative pressures develop in the system


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