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For a limited time only (3 months) Living Barrier Free will be giving you the opportunity to view all of our modules for free.  We love feedback! Please let us know your thoughts after viewing the modules so we can better serve your needs in the future.

The four modules are as such:

  • One design build bathroom.
  • One design build ramp.
  • One specialize topic.
  • One specialized equipment.

Each month will be about 12 videos at approximately 15 minutes each.

Bathroom and ramp modules will have step-by-step instructional videos from beginning to end.

The specialized topic module will look at items ranging from specialized soap dishes to doorknobs.

The specialized equipment module will feature one piece of equipment ranging from Hoyer lift to personalize power chairs and ceiling track systems.

Once the free trial is over Living Barrier Free will resume charging for membership at a cost of $50 per month. Your trial subscription will be deleted and you can then submit for the monthly membership. 
Trial duration: 3 months
Trial price: Free
Duration: 1 month
Price: $50.00

Video course made to increase your education and awareness of how to deliver accessible remodeling.

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